Case Studies

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Uncover the future of Yield Management

Stakeholders leading the yield management program within Ticketmaster came to the research team to form a  go to market strategy and prioritize the product roadmap for a new product. I worked with program leads and the Lead Designer throughout the research initiative guiding strategic planning, and research studies that informed product and marketing teams.

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Discover new ways to Donate

The college and arts client segments were identified as key areas for the business to improve. Some of these clients were up for renewal and up until this research their needs appeared to be under served. The team came to research to prioritize an approach to maintaining good relationships with the clients and deliver features and capabilities that would provide an improved experience for these segments.

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Improve the E-Signature experience

The original request for the project included looking at identifying the key use cases of the e-signature feature, gauge gaps and challenges of the feature, and to identify opportunities to improve the overall product. Due to the time constraints and the need to focus on a single study we agreed the project would focus on the objective to identify key challenges and usability of the electronic signature experience. The initial focus of the study was on the admin that worked on creating the process for receiving the signature.

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