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The Brief

The college and arts client segments were identified as key areas for the business to improve. Some of these clients were up for renewal and up until this research their needs appeared to be under served. The team came to research to prioritize an approach to maintaining good relationships with the clients and deliver features and capabilities that would provide an improved experience for these segments. The goals were to identify and prioritize areas of challenge for the segment and help define a plan to bring a solution that would help retain clients and buffer support issues taking up Support Representative’s valuable time.

The Plan

Working primarily with the lead designer, I planned the project strategy starting with building a generative research study to build internal understanding of the opportunity space within Donations. After that first phase was planned I worked with the designer to design a Usability process that they could manage while I consulted and supported her growth in research practices.

The Objectives

  1. Identify core challenges in the College and Arts Segment
  2. Prioritize solutions that would retain clients and lower support costs
  3. Develop insights to guide design and development of determined solutions.

The Work

I lead the generative portion of the study and conducted focus groups and interviews to refine the organization’s understanding of the Donations space for College clients and Arts clients. Through defining the challenge and identifying key areas of frustration I was able to provide data and insight on where the product and design teams should focus their efforts.

Upon completing the generative phase of research and presenting and advocating certain findings, I guided the product and design teams through iterative design validation in key areas that were both client facing and fan facing. As this product is a B2B2C business model, we needed to validate both the enterprise facing product as well as the consumer facing capabilities. This required additional support from myself to manage recruitment and sampling challenges.

The Results

The work resulted in a new product integration with a third party and a new interface for Season Ticket Holders to have more clarity on donations. The research worked to get the team aligned on the most important capabilities to increase the usability of managing donations from fans and enhancing the donation features that enabled fans to donate at the right time.

Please reach out if you would like more detailed walk through of the research design, deliverables or report.