Uncover the future of Yield Management

Ticketmaster, Live Nation

The Brief

Stakeholders leading the yield management program within Ticketmaster came to the research team to form a  go to market strategy and prioritize the product roadmap for a new product. I worked with program leads and the Lead Designer throughout the research initiative guiding strategic planning, and research studies that informed product and marketing teams.

From the start, the business needed data to inform how best to develop a new pricing tool that combined the necessary capabilities found within two preexisting legacy products. These two products provided solutions to  the pricing challenge, however each went about the solution from opposing perspectives. One used a statistical model and the other was based on manual changes. Each came with challenges that needed to be resolved quickly. We hypothesized that by combining the tools capabilities and determining the most critical parts of each product, a new tool would bring live event pricing into the future.

The Plan

I lead the project and became the sole researcher on the initiative. I determined a reasonable scope and set objectives for research that would deliver key artifacts and data to support business decisions. These objectives spanned multiple methodologies, team initiatives, and product timelines. The core objective was to provide insights and deliver presentations to the larger team so that they could work on the critical areas of the product, and make data driven decisions.

The Objectives

  1. Develop journey and personas of existing work
  2. Identify opportunities for disruption and key challenges in the space
  3. Support visioning for future product and roadmap prioritization
  4. Generate insights for initial designs
  5. Validate Design and product MVP

The Work

As the lead researcher for the Yield Management program, I lead the research effort from end to end. I created an extensive research roadmap for the program, recruited participants, scheduled and moderated workshops, conducted interviews, analyzed the data, and refined the learnings into digestible reports and useful artifacts. Through collaboration with the lead designer we created and defined entirely new User Journeys and Personas that aligned stakeholder conversations and helped the program build empathy toward the end users.

The Results

The generative and evaluative research we conducted, guided the teams in developing the new product. In addition business leads gained the clarity they needed to plan out business proposals and marketing plans for the product. Deliverables for the project included Personas and Experience Journeys. Overall, the insights from the research studies lead to a prioritized feature list for the product, a deeper understanding of the end users, and a clear understanding of the business impact the enhancements would provide.

Please reach out if you would like more detailed walk through of the research design, deliverables or report.