Improve the E-Signature experience

Contractworks, SecureDocs, Inc.

The Brief

The original request for the project included looking at identifying the key use cases of the e-signature feature, gauge gaps and challenges of the feature, and to identify opportunities to improve the overall product. Due to the time constraints and the need to focus on a single study we agreed the project would focus on the objective to identify key challenges and usability of the electronic signature experience. The initial focus of the study was on the admin that worked on creating the process for receiving the signature.

The Plan

Working with the product leads for the product we recruited key users that have used the electronic signature feature. We wanted to observe their current process, identify key areas they were having trouble with, and identify any workarounds they used. Upon further exploration of the product I also wanted to investigate the signer perspective.

The Objectives

  1. Observe users processes that involve the electronic signature
  2. Identify key challenges and usability issues encountered by the end users
  3. Investigate the signer experience through the eyes of the admin
  4. Provide insight and clarity around why challenges were occurring in the experience

The Work

As the Research Consultant I designed the research study, conducted remote interviews, analyzed the data, and presented a report and key deliverables for the product team to take action on.

The study comprised of 7 remote interviews with current users of the electronic signature. We broke up the conversation in two parts. The first was to gain context of when and how the users were currently using the electronic signature process. Second, we conducted task based usability testing to identify opportunities for enhanced usability.

The process took less than two months. One month was focused on refining the study’s purpose and agreeing to terms and onboarding my knowledge of the product. The second month was the study launch through to interviews, recruitment, and ending with a full report and presentation of findings to the team to implement changes and track newly identified user stories and bugs within their JIRA system.

The Results

The team left the engagement with my final learnings in the form of Key themes of challenges and opportunities around the product, recommended next steps, and an exhaustive list of bugs, enhancements, and user stories to inform their next round of research and product development.

One particularly interesting insight was a challenge from the “Signer” perspective that was outside of the scope of this project. The key recommendation was to do further research from the signer perspective to design a simpler signing experience with more clarity on the communications between the admin and the requested signer.

Please reach out if you would like more detailed walk through of the research design, deliverables or report.